Telecom – believing marketing trumps reality

It may not actually be an iPhone, but Telecom is inviting comparison between its latest handset, the Okta Touch, and the much-hyped Apple handset. We don’t have to see the Okta to know the answer to this one. I watched the video. TVNZ interviews David Gray (Grey?) Telecom’s Head of Consumer Marketing, which is just […]

Fast Broadband is here – in Perth that is

Finally I have broadband again. It took Perth based iiNet about a week to arm-twist Australian monopolist Telstra into connecting me. Their communications and service (24/7 help desk) has been faultless – which is stunning in this industry. iiNet uses ADSL2, and here’s what I get: From me at home in Perth to a local […]

NZInstitute BB report: Telepresence growth benefits are limited

That’s the second part of the tree on page 7 of the NZ Institute report. It shows total annual benefits of $165-$335m in increased exports from decent broadband allowing better telepresence. Telepresence I guess is defined by the authors as basically video conferencing with big screens and higher resolution. To work it out the authors […]

The NZ Institute report – the benefits of broadband

If you are frustrated as hell at the ponderous pace of broadband adoption and speeds in New Zealand, then the New Zealand Institute report: DEFINING A BROADBAND ASPIRATION: HOW MUCH DOES BROADBAND MATTER AND WHAT DOES NEW ZEALAND NEED? is essential reading. The presentation is in classic McKinsey style, which is an acquired taste, but […]