The mainsteam starts to hear about web 2.0

Bugger – now they are letting the CEO’s know about the Web 2.0 marketing techniques. The WSJ has published The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World,  which has the not so SEO friendly url of, but contains plenty of Web 2.0 buzzwords in it’s  text. The article is from MT Sloan review, […]

Organic Torpedo7 beats inept inorganic Ferrit

A mentioned, we’ve covered Torpedo7 before on this blog. That was the surprising finding after Ferrit had been beaten by Torpedo7 in domestic unique browsers for the week to July 20, 2008. Organic versus Inorganic growth It turns out that comparing Ferrit and Torpedo7 is an excellent way to compare organic (Torpedo7) and inorganic (Ferrit) growth. Organic […]

Paul Reynolds on Ferrit

The nationwide embarrassment. The site we love to, err, dislike. Ferrit. Paul Reynolds answered two questions on Ferrit (they were not mine but from BarnacleBarnes). How did he do? Ferrit Q. One word: Ferrit. With an investment north of $30 million dollars and traffic that is less than a deal-a day site and only slightly […]

Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds answers questions

Over at Geekzone Mauricio collected a bunch of questions for Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds. Today the answers came through and Mauricio has posted them – check them out. Kudos to Dr. Reynolds for answering a substantial percentage of the questions posed. I for one posed 5 questions, and they were all answered: Network/Investment Q. What […]

Telstra iPhone: $13 per GB or $15,000 per GB? Your choice

A welcome text from Telstra the other day – my iPhone data plan has been upgraded fro free to 9 GB from 3GB. That’s great – full prices are here. But sadly I have data switched off at the moment, as that iPhone is not in Australia, but New Zealand. I have not cracked the […]

Let me pay my bill Telstra

Dumb: not letting me set up auto pay by credit card when I got my iPhone Moronic: being unable to pay my Telstra bill using the iPhone Archaic and lacking in security: paying using DTMF tones via mobile phone. Still – Telstra staff (handpicked?) in Perth store where I got the phone were excellent.

Digicell – getting bigger and bigger by helping people

Digicell is cleaning up – earning dollars by targeting poor countries with their mobile phone services, and earning kudos for liberating their populations from inefficient and often corrupt Governments and incumbents. Owner Denis O’Brien’s motto (via Forbes): Give phones to the masses and they’ll fight your enemies for you. I wish they’d invade Australia and […]

Vodafone and data warehousing: A translation of that abstract

<cynic mode firmly switched on, with apologies to Rachel> Via Mauricio, it seems from this, that Vodafone  are using data warehousing techniques to drive customer retention. I’ve had a go at interpreting the abstract of “The Customer Retention Journey at Vodafone New Zealand” below. Speaker Rachel Harrison is the Vodafone Lead Analyst who is giving […]

Telcos: stay out of the content game

Via Stuff, and the SMH, a headline that seemingly spells bad news for the iPhone in Australia: “iPhone not so multimedia friendly in Aust” The article goes on to say that the iPhone is unable to play many of the Telco giants mobile offerings, such as Vodafone Live, Telstra’s Big Pond TV or Optus’ ringtones […]

iPhones and Telecom

iPhones may be sold by Telecom? My head is going to explode. However AT&T is also struggling with a similar customer service reputation to Telecom’s, and so the price a telco pays for selling the iPhone (kickbacks to Apple) is the price you have to pay to be associated with Apple.

Would you let Telecom design your website?

Telecom is launching something – I’m not really sure what it is, but apparently it will be some sort of Business Oriented Internet plan/ISP – where you get bundled internet access, hosting and things like Xero. Business broadband plans will be “slightly differently priced” … I read that as “more expensive”, but gee I’d pay […]

Why intervention is needed for Telecom and not for Auckland

Falafulu Fisi asks an excellent question to the previous post on Auckland Airport: “Aren’t both Auckland Airport & Telecom private companies? Why would you want to say that the government is an interventionist regarding the CPPIB attempt to buying shares in the Auckland Airport but not saying the same thing about Telecom? I am a […]