BNZ’s Netguard costs $5, but is the least bad option

I’ve blogged before about BNZ’s stupid Netguard Card – which has codes on it to allow you to login to your bank account. Perish the thought that you are travelling when the new one is issued, or that you lose it without first taking a photograph and placing it on your blog or Flickr. BNZ […]

Well done Trade Me, but the threat remains

There’s an interesting article over at eBay strategies, which talks about how eBay lost the market for classifieds and mentions that Amazon is taking out the top end. (If you work at Trade Me then you should have eBay Strategies in your RSS reader) I’ve mentioned it here before, and it bears repeating: Trade Me […]

I’ve joined Equip – a Better by Design consultancy

Better By Design is a NZ Government sponsored program that seeks to help high growth companies become design-led – and thus turn into great companies. The end goal of Better by Design is for New Zealand companies to generate more export sales by selling better-designed products and services. It all came out of a 2003 […]

Red Bull is a tobacco company

A scary article in the NZHerald on how a Brooke Robertson lost 55 Kg of weight by abandoning foods and solely drinking Red Bull. “I managed to wean myself off it by being in hospital for that long but I had severe withdrawals – sweating, nausea, shaking. It was an addiction. The doctors stated that.” […]

The media is no longer the message

An interesting survey by eMarketer, via WebProNews: Stop. Don’t look too hard at the table. This survey is fundamentally flawed. The flaw is simple, and it reflects an old mode of thinking: These days the media is not the message. For example there are over 200 million blogs (they have stopped counting), and to rate […]

How to twitter if you are a corporation

Twitter, for members of my family and those other 4 people that read blogs and have not yet discovered it, is a microblogging service that has just hit the main stream media. By definition it is therefore passé, but in the meantime we may as well use it well. Examples: How not to twitter. @NZStuff […]

Amazon is failing to be the iTunes of book world – so far

I’m warming on the idea of the Kindle – Amazon’s ebook reader. I like it for mass reduction, especially when travelling – it sharply reduces mass that you need to cart around on an airplane or  motorcycle. I like it for convenience – You’ll get books that you purchase instantly, rather than waiting for days […]