Overworked: NZ and Australia

4th and 5th worst in the developed world. That’s where NZ and Australia stand in an ILO survey of the percentage of workers that work more than 48 hours a week. NZ scores 23.6% and Australia 20.4%. Despite my belief, the  USA scored lower at 18.1%. But we have it easy (as I sit here […]

How not to launch a political blog: “F$%k you”

NZ Left Wing election site 08Wire launched, it seems with an interesting group of backers and is based overseas. It is good to see new discourse emerge, but I see a couple of issues. First, in the launch article they do their best to turn prospective readers off: Some analysis is sensationalized. Like David “cut-and-paste / […]

WordPress. First signs of uncoolness, evilness even.

I’m annoyed at WordPress. Up until now their stunning blogging application has made it wonderfully simple to get writing and posting pictures on the web. Their ethos has been true – make it free, make it simple and open to everyone. Their source code is available at WordPress.org, and their WordPress.com site hosts for free. […]

Half year Portfolio update

so – am I following Baupost‘s advice in my own investments? I try to. It pays to be reminded again and again though, as like most people investing is a very part time game for me. But I’m happy about some of my decisions, like my short position on EQR, which I regard as vastly […]