It’s all about the story – launch progress

Things are going well at – the site that matches the material from professional writers with editors who buy their material. While it is still very early days, we are pleased to have over 130 members and about 100 vetted pieces of content. You never know which direction sites will go – and we […]

An open letter to Vodafone Group from New Zealand

Dear Vodafone Group We don’t yet have the Kindle available in New Zealand, and I suspect that you are the folks to talk to. You see I’m pretty sure the folks at Vodafone New Zealand would love us to have the Kindle down here – after all we surely rank ahead of East Timor and […]

It seems BNZ’s Xero personal will allow importing

From this screenshot over on Xero’s blog we see a National Bank account is reported in amongst the BNZ ones in a beta test of Zero Personal: Actually the logo is for Kiwibank, while the text refers to National Bank. Either way Xero and BNZ are telling us that they’d like for external acccounts to […]

Locking in customers with Xero and Heaps

It seems to be an emerging meme – comments in the post about Kiwibank’s Heaps and BNZ’s Xero Personal are worried that banks will create lock-in using personal financial management products. This comment is typical: Ben Lilley January 28, 2010 at 1:50 pm I really hope banks aren’t going to start using tools like Xero […]

Let’s have one industry awards not two

So I’m disappointed with the “2009 New Zealand Internet Industry Awards”, given the poor wording of the entrepreneur of the year award. It’s a new annual award organisation and created by the Liz Dengate Thrush Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is: … to award funding grants for use in practical educational advancement of individuals […]

Let’s appreciate our internet entrepreneurs

I read today in Stop Press that there are no Internet Entrepreneurs in New Zealand. To be fair the award criteria were pretty harsh: Internet Entrepreneur of the Year – recognition for that rare breed who has put capital and reputation on the line and successfully contributed to New Zealand’s wealth. That’s a standard, I […]

The 31 reasons that inflight wifi is not making money

From the WSJ we hear that sales for inflight wifi have been disappointing. It seems that when you give it away the usage is pretty high, but things change when there is a price: “.. in tests and now in regular service, usage drops off considerably when travelers must pay for the service. Alaska Airlines […]

A great experience – at Experience BMW

Occasionally I get great customer service experiences – and so it is each time with Experience BMW in Auckland. At BMW stores there is no hard pressure to buy – the stores let the bikes sell themselves, and like Apple I seem to have a addiction weakness for their products. Both compamies make it easy. […]

How consumers shop – some lessons

After a laughably dumb registration process (use fake data) you’ll find the  ChannelAdvisor report on How Consumers Shop Online. Let’s start with a caveat – the sample size is 824 people from 29 states in the USA, but there is no information on how this sample was selected. We should probably therefore assume that the […]

10 digital media lessons for book publishers to learn

So Barnes and Noble is joining Amazon in offering an ebook reader and downloadable ebooks. This article from NZHerald has several indicators that they will fail if they keep on their same path. The e-books sold at will not be compatible with the Kindle or the Sony Reader…. ….the market is developing in such […]